Episode 37 – The Internet of One Slide Jobbies (IoOSJ)

Matt Egan, Editorial Director, returns to lull us all into a tech talk dreamland of Peppa Pixels and magic Apple dragons.

Chris Martin, Consumer Tech Editor at PC Advisor gives you the skinny on Google’s Pixel post-launch, and why it’s a shame it doesn’t resound as loudly as the affordable Nexus (got to love the Nexus 4, obvs).

Then Acting Editor of Macworld UK David Price weeps into his cornflakes at the supposed demise of the humble USB port as Apple takes courage to new heights for the upcoming MacBook Pro (18 mins).

Staff Writer at PC Advisor Christopher Minasians then lays down the law, rejoicing at the cutthroat prices of Nvidia’s new GTX 1050. Cheap as chips! In a good way. Tuck in (27 mins).