#TSP105 - Joe Tracini (Re-Run for Mental Health Awareness Week 2021)

It's Mental Health Awareness Week this week so we thought we'd re-run this incredibly powerful chat with Joe Tracini from a couple of years ago. Hope you're all good. xx

Hiyer. How are ya? Well we hope. We've been on a sabbatical as Craig has been moving house and getting a load of other life stuff sorted, but we're back and bringing you a weekly dose of TSP conversational goodness. We kick off again with a chat with Joe Tracini. Joe is an actor, magician, presenter and activist who exudes energy and positivity but he's had it pretty tough. Joe talks us through his mental illness, his compulsions, his addiction, his closeness to suicide and the incredible hardships he has come through to be where he is today. We met Joe on a chilly winter's day in Soho. We got a couple of coffee's and got down to it. We'd like to thank Joe for his extraordinary candidness and honesty. It's so brave to talk about what is still so stigmatised with such self-reflection and lack of self-pity. If anyone is affected by the issues raised in this episode there are plenty of people to talk to. If this is you, please talk to one of the following organisations, or search for someone similar in your country or region;https://www.samaritans.orghttps://www.mind.org.ukhttps://www.thecalmzone.netThanks - TSP X
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