#TSP112 - Gary Usher (Rerun)

Ey up. It's the Two Shot Podcast here. We've got another episode for you today. It's a wonderful chat with chef Gary Usher. Gary's story is brilliant and inspiring. He's dead, dead honest about his own insecurities and flaws and he's reached a stage in his professional career where he feels he doesn't have to pull his punches anymore. As the culinary and crowdfunding mastermind behind a clutch of amazing bistros in the North of England, Gary is a grafter. He fell into a career in food and has made it his life's work and passion. In this episode, he and Craig talk brisket chilli, changing the toxic atmosphere in kitchens, Ibiza, Italian restaurants, bullies and loads, loads more. 
This is episode 112 of the Two Shot Podcast with Gary Usher. Go and eat at his restaurant. You'll buzz your head off.
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