TSP Classics - #TSP041 - Matt Berry

Happy Thursday everybody. Hope you're alright. We're not so bad thanks for asking. We've just been having a chat on the phone about when we can get some recording done and bring you some fresh Two Shot Podcast action and the good news is, it won't be that long. 

In the mean time, we thought we'd let you have a listen to this old episode of the podcast with Matt Berry. Matt's got a new program out called What We Do In The Shadows which you can now watch on the BBC iplayer here (if you're in the UK). It's about Vampires and it's dead funny. Hope you enjoy this episode if you haven't heard it before. XORIGINAL TEXT

Here we are again. THIS IS EPISODE 41 OF THE TWO SHOT PODCAST and this week we're thrilled to welcome... the man, the voice... THE MATT BERRY!  Craig & Producer Griff travelled into London's Soho to meet Matt on the hottest day of the year so far (remember that? Was that our summer?) and popped to our favourite tea shop, Maison Bertaux (Greek street - you should go, it's ace!) and sat down, and more importantly cooled down, and then got down to it.  It's a cracker of an episode with Matt and we discuss all sorts; growing up, music, albums, comedy, creativity, insomnia, and the London dungeons. You're gonna love it. 

You'll know Matt from his extensive work on shows like Snuffbox, The I.T. Crowd, Darkplace, The Mighty Boosh and of course, the brilliant Toast of London.  Sit back. relax. and let the smooth tones of this episode wash over you. YES!!  P.S. Sorry about the background noise in this episode. As it was such a lovely day, all the windows and doors were opened out onto the bustling streets of Soho and the chatter and ambience spilled. Just think of it as a bit of audio set-dressing. Nice one. (Producer Griff)

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