TSP Classics - #TSP017 - Michael Balogun

We're still on our recording hiatus at the moment but we're still thinking about you lot getting your TSP fix. What we thought we'd do is bring you a selection of our older episodes, so that our newer listeners can hear what's lurking in the back catalogue.We're gonna kick this run off with this episode from November 2017. It's a chat with the actor Michael Balogun...(Original Text)

Happy Thursday! Before we get down to it PLEASE READ THIS... We want to say a HUGE thanks... To you! Yes! YOU! Our dear listeners. Two bits of cracking news this week. We were on a list in The Observer (decent paper for those outside these isles). The Two Shot Podcast was in the top 10 most talked about podcasts of 2017! The next day we topped the iTunes Charts of Tv & Film straight in at NUMBER 1! All this is down to you lot supporting, listening and telling others about what you've found. As the clock starts to slowly count down on 2017 this is an amazing bit of news to end the year with so thank you so much. 

Right. Let's GET. IT. ON. Episode 17 is a chat with someone who may not have heard of but who's story you are going to remember. Trust us! His name is Michael Balogun. This is his story and I cannot even begin to tell you how it goes. All I can say is "strap in"; it's a rollercoaster of a tale. 

Craig & Producer Griff travelled to meet Michael at the fantastic HOME in Manchester to sit down, brew up and get their podcast on! This is a fascinating chat with someone who is learning from his mistakes and even though it took quite some time to find the right path, he's now well and truly on it. That's as much as we are going to say, don't want to spoil anything. 

Enjoy. This is #TSP017 with Michael Balogun. 

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