S10E04 - Terri White

TW: Child Sexual Abuse,
Happy Friday TSP listeners. How’s it going with you? We’re good and hoping you are too. We’ve got a really brilliant episode for you today. It’s a chat with the brilliant journalist, author and editor Terri White. Terri’s got a really varied and distinguished career spanning many places and many guises. She’s spent time at Empire magazine, Time Out in New York, Nuts magazine and Shortlist amongst many others. Terri is incredibly candid and talks openly about her survival of child abuse and the disassociation she experienced. She and Craig talk about anxieties and panic attacks, class references, privilege, accents, social mobility, opportunity, representation and loads, loads more.
She’s a brilliant, brilliant guest that we’re dead proud to have her on.
This is series ten, episode four of the Two Shot Podcast with Terri White.
Terri’s book Coming Undone is out now and you can read an extract here - https://www.theguardian.com/books/2020/jun/27/terri-white-good-nights-lost-my-phone-bad-nights-lost-my-sanity
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