S10E05 - Aisling Loftus

Hiyer everyone. Hope you haven’t melted, spontaneously combusted or otherwise been adversely affected by the waves of heat. Anyway, get the kettle on, have one of those brews that actually cool you down, and have a listen to this week's TSP. This week’s guest is the fantastic actress Aisling Loftus.
You might know Aisling from ITV’s Mr Selfridge, the BBC’s War & Peace, Sky's The Midwich Cockoos amongst loads of other ace stuff. Aisling is a joy; straight-talking, honest, considered, open and with a deep love of her nearest and dearest. She and Craig discuss support networks, eating disorders and the effects they have, big Irish families, motherhood, Nottingham, Workshop, adult company, and the absolute joy of being well directed. You'll love it.
This is series ten, episode five of the Two Shot Podcast with Aisling Loftus.
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