S10E02 - Taj Atwal

Hiyer mates. Hope you’re all good and well. We’re back with another episode of TSP (sorry we’re a day late - glasto etc.) and this week, it’s a very lovely chat with the very lovely Taj Atwal. You might know Taj from Stella, In The Club, The Syndicate or Hullraisers amongst a bunch of other stuff, but this being the Two Shot Podcast, we don’t chat too much about that.
Taj and Craig chat about growing up in Norwich and York, maths lessons or lack thereof, singing lessons and doing it for yourself, the protective jacket of Northerness, people-watching and writing, changing and growing and tons more. You'll love it we're sure.
This is series ten, episode two of the Two Shot Podcast with the fabulous Taj Atwal.
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