S10E01 - Emma Appleton

Hiyer. How's it going? Two Shot Podcast here. More like the "Too Hot Podcast" amirite!?!? (sorry if anyone saw us use that joke already on instagram). Anyway, hope you're enjoying the British sunny snap, and if you're not in Britain, then I hope the weather where you are is equally clement. Weather chat done. Welcome to series 10! We've got an absolute banger to kick off with too. It's a lovely chat with Emma Appleton. She's a fantastic actress who you may have seen playing Nancy recently in Danny Boyle's 'Pistol'. She's also in the brilliant new adaptation of Dolly Alderton's 'Everything I Know About Love' on the BBC along with Craig, so go and check those out when you're next short of something to watch.
This is a fabulous hour and a bit with Emma and Craig touching on all sorts; The intensity of London, corn exchanges, unsupportive teachers, modelling and creative fulfilment, the sex pistols, power and planning, and loads, loads more. She's a brilliant guest and we're buzzing she decided to come on.
This is series ten, episode one of the Two Shot Podcast with Emma Appleton!
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