#TSP156 - Séamas O'Reilly

What's happening mates? It's TSP time and this week we bask in the company of journalist and writer Séamas O'Reilly.
Séamas writes a regular column in The Observer and has also been published in the Irish Times, Vice and New Statesman amongst many others. He joins us from Hackney but grew up as one of eleven children in Derry.
He and Craig talk grief, levity and Irish wake culture, the criminal immunity of priests, parenthood, rush hour crushes, discovering that rich people existed and loads, loads more. Séamas's book 'Did Ye Hear Mammy Died?' is out now and it's Craig-certified as brilliant so go and bag a copy from a lovely bookshop that isn't funding the privatisation of space.
This is episode 156 of the Two Shot Podcast with Séamas O'Reilly. Enjoy.
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