#TSP133 - Hayley Squires

Happy Thursday one and all.  

Hope you’re all doing well and* if you’re in the UK keeping to your groups of 6 and not giving any weight to what certain Britpop stars are wanging on about. But enough of *that*.  Let’s not discuss it. It’s certainly something we don’t even touch on in this weeks episode because we're far too busy discussing creativity, growing up, moving around, writing and close knit families.  There's a small natter about Hayley's new C4 series ADULT MATERIAL* which is discomforting, groundbreaking, shocking and funny show that, on the surface, is a delve into the world of the adult entertainment business but as the story storms on raises questions about motherhood and injustice and power.  It’s an incredible watch with Hayley ( once again) showing incredible skills as the lead character and Lucy Kirkwood’s incredible script keeps us asking questions as an audience right till the end....and long after.  
Of course, you’ll have seen Hayley burst into the screen in her award winning breakthrough performance in Ken Loach’s ‘ I, Daniel Blake’ but here on TSP we get to discuss all the important things with Hayley.  You know the drill.  

We really hope you enjoy this incredible episode.  Thrilled that Hayley made time for us. You will not be disappointed. 

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