#TSP117 - Niamh Algar

What's happening with you then? It's that time of the week again so we thought we'd bring you another podcast episode. It's the turn of Niamh Algar. You might know Niamh from her amazing performances in Shane Meadow's The Virtues, MotherFatherSon, Pure, The Bisexual, Without Name or the soon to be released Calm With Horses.

We met Niamh at Native in London a couple of weeks back, we had a brew and got down to chatting. We talked trophy hunting, learning to grive, taking your parents on a trip to your film set, Johannesburg, ASMR and painting and loads, loads more.

Niamh is an absolute force. She's calm and comfortable and hilarious. We absolutely loved spending time with her and we hope you will too. This is episode 117 of the Two Shot Podcast with the brilliant Niamh Algar

PS - Go and see her new film. It's class.

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