#TSP116 - Kellie Shirley

Oi oi. It's the Two Shot Podcast all up in your podcast feeds. Hope you're all good at the moment. We certainly are as we've got a lovely new episode for you. This week is the turn of Kellie Shirly. You'll know Kelly from Idris Elba's comedy In The Long Run, or from Call The Midwife, or from playing Carly Wicks in Eastenders amongst loads of other stuff. We met Kellie in our new London podcast base Native near Tate Modern, we got a brew on, she brought the Hob-Nobs and we got into it.

Craig and Kellie talked Croydon, swimming, acting and motherhood, going to watch Palace, working in food banks, changing rolls for women through their lifetimes and loads, loads more.

This is episode 116 of the Two Shot Podcast with Kellie Shirley. Enjoy.

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