#TSP115 - Andy Nyman (Part 2)

It's that time of the week again where we drop another instalment of the Two Shot Podcast on podcast feeds. We've had a mad week of recording this week and we've got a fair few bangers in the can. The week started with a trip to Hammersmith and a journey into the marvellous mind of Mr Andy Nyman. Andy welcomed us into his top-floor museum which, if you've seen any of the accompanying pictures or videos from this week's episode, you'll know is a sight to behold. We sat down and pressed record... or we didn't press it properly cos it didn't flipping work!!! So we missed the first 20 odd minutes of the conversation which we're absolutely mortified about -These vids are usually reserved for our Patreon donators but since since we love you all, here's a link to a private video from the bit we missed to give you a flavour of the start of the conversation -

Anyway, on to Andy. Andy is an actor, a writer and a director amongst other things, you might know him from Wanderlust, Peaky Blinders, Uprising, and Kick-Ass 2, as well as recent productions of Fiddler On The Roof and Hello Dolly. If you cast your mind back to September 2017, you'll remember the last time we sat down with Andy. Lots has happened since then and we get into it in this episode. Andy and Craig discuss Ghost Stories, getting films made, the challenges of working with a close friend, acting books, pragmatism vs negativity and loads more.

This is episode 115 of the Two Shot Podcast with Andy Nyman.

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