#TSP113 - Clint Boon

Happy Thursday or whatever day it is when you're reading this. It's Two Shot Podcast time. This week our guest is Clint Boon. Clint is a bit of an institution in the North West. He's a making-money-from-more-than-one-means cat, spending his time flitting between being a musician, DJ, radio host, parent, teacher and all round creative type. Hailing from Oldham, he came to prominence with 'The Inspiral Carpets' before forming his own musical outfit 'The Clint Boon Experience'.

We caught up with Clint at Manchester's Native apartments housed inside Cultureplex. Clint had a normal brew and Craig had something with white pine needles in it and we all got down to having a proper chat. We cover home-schooling, encouraging individuality, growing up in Shaw, getting caned, 60s blizzards and absolutely loads more.

This is episode 113 of the Two Shot Podcast with Clint Boon.

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