#TSP104 - Art Malik

How you getting on TSP listeners? I hope you're all well and good this week. We've got a recording of a live show for you this week. A couple of weeks back, we went down to the York Theatre Royal and had a wonderful evening with a bunch of lovely people. The night was opened by Salfordian wordsmith JB Barrington and we've picked a few of his poems to open this episode as well (Listener discretion is advised). If you haven't heard JB's two shot podcast episode go back and search out #TSP059 and hear us have a longer chat with JB in his dining room. It's a belter. After JB had the crowd suitably warm, we welcomed the legendary Art Malik to the stage. You might know Art from The Jewel In The Crown, True Lies, The Living Daylights and loads of other stuff. In this episode he talked us through the highs and lows of his career, he told us how straw boaters went down on his walks to school, he told us about Arnold, about dyslexia, about his Father and Mother and about so much more. He's a wonderful man and a wonderful raconteur, and we're sure you'll enjoy listening in to this live episode of the Two Shot Podcast with the majestic Art Malik.

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