#TSP103 - Dermot O'Leary

What's happening people. It's ya boyz Two Shot Podcast back with a banger. And this week, we have the pleasure of Dermot O'Leary company. You'll know Dermot from just about everywhere; Big Brother, T4, The X-Factor, BBC Radio 2, Soccer Aid and loads, loads more. He's fast becoming the kind of broadcasting institution he references in his anecdotes of life in the corridors of Radio 2. We met Dermot in the basement of Maison Bertaux in Soho and got down to it. You'll hear him and Craig talk about selling his self-published crime fiction novels on his childhood estate, The Howard Cassell performance behind his new People, Just People podcast, Martin Compston: Football Manager, The Smiths, cod roe and chips and so, so much more. Dermot is an incredibly interested human being and his warmth and openness is totally infectious. We loved hanging out with him and we're sure you'll enjoy listening in too. A couple of links that are mentioned in the podcast;

The Howard Cassell performance

That amazing episode of Desert Island Discs

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