#TSP100 - Martin Compston

100 N/O. Not a bad innings that is it? Thanks for joining us this week. It's only our hundredth bloody episode. Thanks a load to everyone who's listened, shared, sponsored, recommended and generally made us feel lovely about the podcast. It's really, really appreciated. On to our guest... It's flipping Martin Compston. We've been talking about sitting down with Martin ever since the very first episode with his Line Of Duty co-star Vicky McClure all that time ago. It seemed very appropriate to mark our hundredth episode with this episode. You'll know Martin from the afore mentioned Line of Duty but also in many other hings including Monarch of the Glen, The Wee Man and Ken Loach's wonderful Sweet Sixteen. It's a proper good chat between mates this one, navigating through the subjects of dance-offs, pub selfy etiquette, mayonnaise revelations and loads more. Thanks again for all the support over the past couple of years and don't forget to keep telling your pals about us. It really helps us grow.

This is episode 100 of the Two Shot Podcast, with Martin Compston. 

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