#TSP098 - Mark Strong

Hiyer. How goes it? Hope you're good this week. We are. We've done a load of podcast recording. And the first one we're gonna share with you is this absolute beaut featuring the incredible voice of actor Mark Strong. You'll know Mark from loads of stuff. You might've seen him very recently in in Sky One's Temple alongside Craig and previous TSP guest Danny Mays. He's been in loads of other stuff including Kingsman, Sherlock Holmes, Shazam, Deep State, Green Lantern, The Imitation Game, RocknRolla, Zero Dark Thirty and loads, loads more. He's a prolifically brilliant actor and a completely wonderful person. He has a calm and considered demeanour with a voice to match, which we're sure you'll thoroughly enjoy listening to. We sat down with Mark in a swank club in Soho and got down to it. He told us of his joy at playing football matches with unorthodox kick-off times, not regretting turning jobs down, punk bands, being without his parents as a youth, the inexact science of making films, amongst tons of other stuff. This is episode ninety eight of the Two Shot Podcast with Mark Strong.
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