#TSP093 - Jessie Cave

Alreet. Hope you're well. We're here again with another podcast for you. And this week we're joined by an artistic polymath by the name of Jessie Cave. Jessie is a writer, standup comic, actor, illustrator and all round creative whirlwind. We sit down with her and hear her tales of love, loss, grief, struggle, comedy and Harry Potter. She's a unique and fantastically strong woman who is currently up in Edinburgh with her brilliant show Sunrise (tickets here). You might well have caught her at one of her many other comedy shows in London and Edinburgh or as Lavender Brown in the Harry Potter films. It was an amazing hour spent in her company and we hope it brings you some hope or perspective or solace.This is episode 93 of the Two Shot Podcast with Jessie Cave.Trigger warning - This week's episode deals with some pretty raw stuff around the loss of family members. If you're feeling a bit raw then maybe wait until you're in a better place before listening. 

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