#TSP087 - Morven Christie

It seems like an age, but we’re back, rested and ready to fire up the mics and get back to doing what we do...We wanted someone very special to talk to for us coming back and getting down to business so when looking through a very large list of artists that we want to talk to, seeing where both myself and Griff would be in the country, the stars aligned. We found that we were in Manchester and guess who else was nearby... The magnificent MORVEN CHRISTIE!!!!! As you’ll hear near the start, we’ve been talking about making this conversation happen for well over a year but we’re so pleased it’s happened now and WHAT A CORKER of an episode this is. We touch on some very serious subjects on this one.This is just a conversation. We are not professionals so if you’ve been affected by any of the subjects we discuss please do seek out professional help or talk to a trusted friend or family member. You’ll know Morven from all sorts of stuff; Grantchester, The A Word, The Replacement, Doctor Who, Young Victoria, Hunted most recently The Bay on ITV1 also starring past TSP guest Dan Ryan. We’re thrilled to be back and even more thrilled that we’re kicking things off with this incredible conversation. Thanks for all your messages of support whilst we’ve been “off air”. It meant a lot.This is episode 87 of the Two Shot Podcast with Morven Christie.

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