#TSP083 - Connor Swindells

Hello. How are you? We do hope you're alright. We've got another episode of the Two Shot Podcast for you this week. It's our 83rd and it's a chat with an actor called Connor Swindells. Connor showed up to meet us in Soho looking unflappably cool and wearing one of the loveliest pairs of boats we've ever seen. He then proceeded to pour his heart out onto the table and share with us his incredible story of love, loss, passion and paranoia. You'll hear him talk about boxing, on-set breakdowns, not fitting in with your big brothers and being poor. He really doesn't hold too much back.You might know Connor from the hit Netflix show Sex Education where he plays the character Adam Groff. You might've seen him in the films VS. or The Vanishing. He's a great actor who really inhabits his work and the future looks so, so bright for him.  Craig gives a little warning in the intro of this week's podcast as some of the subjects we touch on are pretty heavy. If you're feeling a bit fragile, it might be worth leaving listening until you feel a bit better. Or, conversely, it might be exactly what you need to hear. Either way, we can't thank Connor enough for sharing an hour with us and with you. A bit of bad news here about the live show at the BFI - We’re so sorry to say that due to a personal issue, we’ve had to pull out of the Radio Times festival on April 14th. We're so sorry to let you down but this is unavoidable. Many thanks to Radio Times, the BFI & Richard E. Grant for their warmth & support. BFI will be in touch about refunds.

We’ll talk to Richard later in the year. Promise.

Thanks a lot for listening. 

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