#TSP081 - Amy Booth-Steel

So here we are again... EPISODE 81.  How’s your week been?  Good?  Not bad?  Fair?  Actually pretty bad?Well, put everything aside for a while and get in your podcast zone and do something for you.  Forget about that email you have to send. Put down that phone and make that call later.  Spend a little bit of time to listen to someone else’s story. Just for a while.  It’s a funny thing.  When booking guests to come on the podcast it can be: 1: people we know ( quite rare but still happens) 2: people we’ve never met before but may have heard of( almost all the time) 3: people we’ve never met but get recommended by people we do know ( sometimes) And now there’s a “4”....the complete accident ( this is the first time!) Craig stumbled across AMY BOOTH STEEL on social media.  It was a video. A video of a young woman with a ukulele.  She was singing a song. ....and that’s just the start...We got in touch as we thought her story should be heard and this seemed the perfect platform for to do it. We were right.  Amy is total tonic and we think you’re going to love her. If you’ve seen her videos that have gone viral then you’ll understand....if you havnt...then you will...THIS IS EPISODE 81 OF THE TWO SHOT PODCAST with the INCREDIBLE AMY BOOTH-STEEL. 

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