#TSP067 - Jenna Russell

THE COUNTDOWN HAS BEGUN!  No, not Christmas...You have until the 13th of December to send in your BEST OF MOMENTS OF 2018. You can send us the time codes of favourite clips and we’ll put them into our special Christmas episode and GIVE YOU a shout out.Send em in on the socials (@twoshotpod) OR EMAIL: twoshotpod@gmail.comBUT BEFORE ALL THAT... It’s EPISODE 67This week Craig & Griff travelled to London for an intensive few days of recording, and first up was a blather with the incredible JENNA RUSSELL.Craig was working in London so they took advantage of having an apartment to set up the microphones in Earls Court. After a wander to find some below average breakfast it was time to go and meet Jenna. If you’ve been to the theatre in the past 20 years then there’s a pretty good chance you’ll have seen the amazing Jenna (sorry, that makes her sound like a magician. She’s not). Craig & Jenna get the kettle on, slice up some lemon drizzle and get down to the conversation. Craig & Jenna first met 20 years ago.Craig was woefully under qualified for his first job whereas Jenna was simply perfection. Needless to say they got on. The conversation flows and revelations pop up as we get to know, really know, the quite wonderful human that is JENNA RUSSELL. It was such a pleasure for us to have Jenna on and we think you’ll love this episode. Jenna is pure class.  Enjoy.

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