#TSP058 - Nick Payne

DO NOT ADJUST YOUR FEED.Yep. This is THE TWO SHOT PODCAST. No. It’s not Thursday.  We thought we’d do a TWO EPISODE TWO SHOT PODCAST WEEK!  Why? Why not. Let’s kick it off shall we?

This week we travel to London to meet the incredible writer NICK PAYNE.  Maybe you’ve seen Nick’s plays over the years at the Bush theatre, The Donmar Warehouse, perhaps the Royal court. Maybe even on Broadway. Well, lucky you if you have cos he’s a class writer. Recently you may have been glued to BBC1 watching his series WANDERLUST that’s coming to an end very soon. Or maybe you’re one of those people who’s saying it’s “filth” or “I didn’t pay my TV licence for this!” Well, it’s always good to get a reaction eh?If you haven’t seen it THEN DO. IT'S CLASS!! Catch it all on BBC iplayer in the uk and soon to be on NETFLIX.  Craig sat down with Nick in London and that’s where they began the natter. Are we a nation of prudes? Do people jump on the bandwagon to complain about so-called filth without having seen it? They discuss so much more to about what makes Nick tick and the differences between writing for theatre and the pressures of creating a full series for TV.  It’s a cracking natter and we’ll sure you agree that Nick is great company...Just to say that this episode was recorded solo as Producer Griff was up north but the difference in sound is down to Craig and his Zoom H5 which doesn’t have the slickness as norm but we know that after 10mins or so your ears will adjust and you’ll be grand.Enjoy. This is episode 58 of the Two Shot Podcast with Nick Payne.Photo credit - Evening Standard (Sorry, we didn't get any piccies this week as Craig was flying solo).

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