#TSP057 - Jodie Whittaker

IT'S THURSDAY... IT'S THE PODCAST...Well, since we announced on Sunday who was joining us, there’s been a real buzz. We don’t blame you. We were thrilled to bits to sit down with Jodie in our podcast Soho base that is MAISON BETAUX and got the tea in (and also a scone). Or a scon. Or even a scurn (that’ll make sense soon) and we got right into it. Jodie has been proper busy speaking to all sorts of press in the countdown to the DR WHO launch in Sheffield but she made time to come and meet Craig & Griff and have a proper natter. Jodie is, as you’ll hear, a breath of fresh air. She’s honest, naturally hilarious and a real Yorkshire woman through and through. It was a total joy to have her on. LESS WAFFLE. MORE CHATTER. I know that’s what you’re thinking. In fact, are you still reading this? RIGHT. LET'S. GET. OUR. PODCAST. ON. THIS IS EPISODE 57 WITH JODIE WHITTAKER.ENJOY.Get in touch...
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