#TSP056 - Susan Wokoma

Alright Two Shot Pod listeners. How goes? Hope you're all feeling reasonable or better this week. We've got a treat in store for you in the shape of an absolutely top chat with Susan Wokoma! You might know Susan from her appearances in Chewing Gum and Crazyhead or more recently her brilliant comedy short Love The Sinner for Sky. We met up with her in the basement room of Maison Bertaux in Soho and after Craig had told the unusually raucous patrons upstairs to keep the noise down, we got down to it. Susan talked movingly about her life growing up with immigrant parents, about being skint, about gentrification in her beloved London and about loads and loads more. It's an absolutely spell-binding hour or so that we're sure you'll find inspiring, heartbreaking and hilarious in various measures. Thanks a load for listening and if you enjoyed it, why not tell your pals. Especially those who don't ever listen to podcasts. Show 'em that glorious little purple app on their iphones that's a portal to unparalleled audio riches. Get in touch...

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