#TSP055 - Karl Pilkington

How the devil are you? Thank you so, so much downloading. Things good? Things not so good? 
Well put all that aside for an hour or so and let's dive into the world of KARL PILKINGTON. 
We announced that Karl would be joining us on Monday, as we always do (what? You don't know that? Check your social media!) and since then anticipation has been building for episode 55 and to hear more of what makes Karl, well... Karl.  
Craig & Producer Griff travelled south (London's soho to be exact) to meet Karl at the hotel he was staying in. Tea was ordered, microphones were set up and we hit the record button.   
It's a bit of a podcast of two halves this really. Craig and Karl start off by having a bit of a moan about all sorts of stuff (well, it was quite early in the morning) and then just before it turns into a full whinge about the state of everything they think is wrong, it's a hand brake turn into Karl's life and his past and what's happening right now.  
Actually while you're here... what's happening right now is this:
Karl's done with all his travel show stuff and now he heads into sitcom territory with a show cowritten by himself and long term collaborator RICHARD YEE. 'SICK OF IT' starts sept 27th at 10pm on Sky 1 & NOW TV. And before you ask, no, we havnt been sponsored by Sky One. We just like Karl and happen to think his show is dead, dead good.  Oh, and there may be a TSP connection for the very first episode of his show... Hmmm.
It's a very, very entertaining episode that we loved recording. Karl is an absolutely brilliant fella to spend time some time with, so sit yourself down and strap yourself in.  
Really hope you enjoy. 
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