#TSP054 - Bill Ryder-Jones

Alright. Hope you're well. Nice one for getting onto this episode of the podcast. It's episode 54 and it's a beautiful chat with Bill Ryder-Jones. Bill is a musician from down the East Lancs road and if you've not already listened to his stuff then you're missing out. We'd recommend starting with with 'if...' which is an absolute masterpiece of jaw-dropping scale. 'West Kirby County Primary' is absolute class too. And have a look at his new video Mither here -  Basically, listen to it all. It's all boss. Bill is a true artist and a properly fascinating person. He talks with Craig about creativity, mental states, loss, friendship and loads more. It was an absolute privilege to listen in on it and we hope that you get as much from it as we have. If you do, it'll stay with you.We recorded this one in Manchester at the lovely Ziferblat on Edge Street in the Noirthern Quarter (Nice one to Ziferblat for being ace and finding us a room). 

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