#TSP051 - Jon McClure

Yep. That's right.  We're back with another BIRTHDAY EPISODE!   We started a year ago with Vicky McClure and now we end our first year with JON MCCLURE... It's almost like we planned it!We met with The Reverend Jon McClure (and a silent Ed!) at Jimmy's bar in Manchester just before they were off to house party -not one of those- it's one where Jon and Ed go to a fans house and play an acoustic gig. Nice eh?  You'll know Jon as the lead singer in the band Reverend & The Makers along with Ed and also his wife Laura. We chatted with Jon just after the release of their new album, The death of a king. We talked all things Sheffield, growing up, the music industry, fans and doing things his way. Jon's got bags of energy and oozes charisma and if you've ever seen the band live then you'll know what we mean!  He's a top fella and you're gonna love hearing this episode.Grab yourself a brew, or something stronger (It is our birthday after all!), pop your feet up and get on this.  ITS THE SECOND OF OUR SPECIAL BIRTHDAY PODCAST EPISODES WITH THE "HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLD"....JON MCCLURE!  Enjoy.  Thanks so much for downloading.

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