#TSP044 - Meera Syal

Greetings Two Shot Podcast listener. Hope you're very well. This week we are joined by some real acting royalty in the form of Meera Syal. We sat down with Meera in the basement of Maison Bertaux (What! You've not been yet!? You definitely should very soon) and we talked about her childhood in Wolverhampton, sleeping in a draw, parental support, the dawn of proper British Asian comedy and loads and loads of other stuff.

You'll know Meera from her pioneering work alongside former TSP guest Sanjeev Bhaskar in television institutions Goodness, Gracious Me, and The Kumars at Number 42 or more recently in her brilliant role in The Split. She has a myriad of writing, authorship and acting credits to her name and the story of how she came to be where she is today is as spectacular as her artistic achievements.

She was an absolute pleasure to be with and her confidence and positivity are a complete inspiration. It's a wonderful listen and we really hope you enjoy. Dunno if you heard but we won a bloody prize. We are now the proud holders of a British Podcast Award in the 'Best Culture Podcast' category. Whilst the supportive messages we get on a daily basis from you, the dear listeners, are why we do what we do, it's always lovely to have your work recognised at a do where they give you champagne as you go in. Nice one to the BPAs for our "poddy" and a belter of a ceremony in London last weekend. 

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