#TSP037 - Shane Attwooll

It's Thursday and you're probably still wondering what made you eat that other chocolate egg over the Easter break... forget about that now... leave the guilt in the rubbish bin with the wrappers and let's GET. OUR. PODCAST. ON!Craig & Producer Griff took a journey south and met up with Shane in London's Soho (big shout out to Tania Wade❤️), sat down with a brew and got their natter on.This is another cracker of an episode that tackles so much; life, love, jobs, family, Wales... crikey, so so much more too. You're going to love this, we promise!  It gets emotional so you may need some tissues. Craig certainly needed some on his train back home.You may have seen Shane recently on the big screen in DARK RIVER or opposite TOM HARDY in LEGEND, to name but two.It's a beautifully honest, no-hold-barred chat that goes deep.GET READY.Really hope you enjoy.THIS IS EPISODE 37 OF THE TWO SHOT PODCAST with SHANE ATTWOOLL.

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