#TSP036 - LoneLady

HAPPY THURSDAY!This is episode 36 of The Two Shot Podcast and this week we leave the world of acting and dip our toes (ears?) into the world of music with our guest LONELADY (Julie Campbell)Craig & Producer Griff travel to meet Julie in London's Soho to sit down and talk early life, music, art, school, confidence and fear and a whole lot more.Massive shout to TSP friend Kevin Proctor for helping out as we recorded in his office in soho. Big up Kev!We were thrilled to have Julie on, as she doesn't do a lot of podcasts, or indeed interviews, so it was an honour that we made dates work and she felt time was right to come on.We hope you enjoy.THIS IS EPISODE 36 OF THE TWO SHOT PODCAST WITH LONELADY.

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