#TSP031 - Tom Stocks

Here we are. IT'S EPISODE 31!

Thanks so much for downloading and subscribing. Means the world. This week we're joined by TOM STOCKS.It's actually quite rare that we chat to people who get in touch with us, we don't want people to feel that they have "sell" anything or have any sort of agenda, you know? We want people to come on and feel free to talk and also feel it's a safe place to do so. This episode is a little different as Tom did get in touch and we had a look at what he did and thought it would make a perfect platform for him to talk. These things could easily go wrong as it's one take. One chat. Luckily it all paid off.We went to meet to Tom in the lovely walls of MAISON BERTAUX on Greek Street in Soho, London (go check it out - the cakes! The cakes!) and we spent a great time nattering about his struggles and upbringing to where he's at now and well, why don't we just let him tell you?

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