#TSP026 - Poppy Miller

Yes, it's Thursday. Yes, it's The Two Shot Podcast. Yes, it's Episode 26. Happy days.This week Craig & Producer Griff travelled to London to meet with the wonderful Poppy Miller. You may have seen Poppy in The Second Best Marigold Hotel or the feature film Emma. More recently you may have gone to London's West-End to see her as Ginny Weasley in Harry Potter & the Cursed Child. We were lucky enough to get the kettle on with Poppy prior to her (and her family) packing the bags for a move across the pond when she reprises her role on Broadway. It's a really lovely, honest natter with Poppy. We're thrilled she found the time to come on and we're even more thrilled to share it with you, the two shot listener. So, whatever you're doing; on the commute, down the gym, cleaning the kitchen or simply just putting you're feet up, get the kettle on, turn the volume to your required setting and let's GET. OUR. PODCAST. ON. It's episode 26, with Poppy Miller.


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