#TSP019 - Thomas Coombes

Good morning, afternoon or evening, and a very warm welcome to Episode 19 of The Two Shot Podcast. This week it's back down south and straight into Soho to grab the teapot and settle down with THOMAS COOMBES. It was another one of those episodes where Craig & Producer Griff had never met Thomas but are now very pleased they have. It's another great natter covering all sorts of things including, a story about getting help and support from actors working within the industry today. Massive thanks to Thomas for taking the time to come and for being so open and honest. ALSO, a huge thank you to Tania Wade of MAISON BERTAUX, a beautiful French patisserie in the heart of London's Soho, for helping out with space to record. THIS IS EPISODE 19 WITH THOMAS COOMBES. HOPE YOU ENJOY. 

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