#TSP016 - Tony Pitts

Hiyer. How're you keeping? Thanks very much for downloading and listening to this, the sixteenth installment of the Two Shot Podcast. What a spectacularly good episode we've got in store for you this week. Craig and Producer Griffin met up with Tony Pitts down in Soho just after catching a screening of Tony's new film ('Funny Cow', got Maxine Peake in it, very good). 

Tony has been loads of ace stuff. You've probably seen him in Peaky Blinders, or Line of Duty... or Lilyhammer, Jamestown, Emmerdale or Red Riding. He's been in some great films too. Journeyman and Funny Cow most recently; not to mention appearances in Star Wars and Warhorse. 

Tony is an absolute gem. A rare character with searing integrity and an authenticity seldom seen these days. He's a great story teller and a truly inspiring figure in both a professional and human capacity.

Get a brew on and have a listen to this wonderful chat. Hope you enjoy listening as much as we did making. 

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