#TSP012 - Andy Nyman

Happy Thursday to each and everyone one of you! Thanks so much for joining us for episode 12 of the Two Shot Podcast. This week we're very happy to share a chat with an actor still very much in love in acting; ANDY NYMAN.

Craig & Producer Griff travelled to London to spend some time with Andy and have a brew and a natter. I think you're gonna like this one. It's a very positive chat with Andy. His love for all things 'acting' shines through this episode. We cover all sorts of stuff whilst being welcomed into Andy's "museum"... that will become clear, hopefully, when you hear the episode and see some of the photos and videos we took. 

You'll know Andy from all sorts of films & tv such as Kick Ass 2, Charlie Brooker's Dead Set, His writing with Derren Brown, and all sorts of theatre that Andy has been involved with over the years. Of course, this being TSP we don't even discuss any of that! We had far too much else to talk about during our time! We hope you enjoy listening it as much as we did making it.GET. YOUR. PODCAST. ON... WITH TSP.All the love. X

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