#TSP006 - Danny

Happy Thursday! Hope you're all well. Here we go again. It's episode six! I say "here we go again" but this weeks guest is surprisingly different. Different in that usually, we tell you who it is and a little bit about them. Can't do that this week. Our guest wants to remain unnamed and this is something we respect on the Two Shot Podcast. For those of you who don't know (and why would you?) we give each guest freedom of edit which means they can talk freely and openly without consoring themselves and feeling inhibited during the chat. Once we've recorded and producer Griff has worked his magic in cleaning it all up and making it sound super sweet, we offer our guests the chance to have a listen and check that they've not said anything they're not comfortable with. In this instance, due to what our guest does for a living now, it made total sense.It's another great story and one we're pleased he agreed to chat about.Get the kettle on and let's get going.

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