Twin Picks

by That's Not Canon Productions
THREE film-loving siblings watch TWO movies and pick which ONE better achieves what it sets out to do!Together, Meg, Noah, and Eliza will watch two films that share some kind of similarity; it might be an obscure connection (did you know 'A Bug's Life' and 'Seven Samurai' have the exact same plot?) or a dumb and obvious one ('Billy Madison' vs. 'Billy Elliot'). Then, they pick apart both films in the kind of funny, faceted discussion that could only occur between twins (and also their other sister ugh).New episodes released every Sunday! Get in touch at, and subscribe so you never miss out on new episodes!Hosts: Meg Janssen, Noah Janssen, Eliza JanssenSound Engineer/Composer: Anthony CarrArtwork: Cyber ToasterInstagram: twinpicksFacebook: @twinpickspodcastRough Cut:

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