202 - Crafting Fantasy

Rachel Kramer Bussel is a writer, editor, teacher, and consultant. Jeremie and Bryde chat with Rache; about writing erotic stories, reading vs. watching, and whose voices are missing from popular erotica. You can read about Rachel on her website at RachelKramerBussel.com, and find her latest anthology "Coming soon: Women's Orgasm Erotica". Bryde reads the profane four-letter-words and Jeremie puts them to good use. Bryde reads the BBC article "How the Joy Of Sex Was Illustrated" and for further listening on the topic (The Joy Of Sex), check out the review on "By The Book" podcast. Thank you endlessly to all the Patrons of the podcast at patreon.com/turnmeonpodcast. $5+ PATRONS: check out the video version of today's aftercare!


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