How to handle Distrust in Organizations?

Maikel Batelaan, consultant and co-author of the book “Why Should I Trust You” talks about the ideal of every organization: smooth collaboration. In practice, it is more unruly. After all, there are always complex problems that need to be solved. Many leaders then react impulsively: they flee or they fight. Increasingly, we see leaders who choose the solution that lies exactly in between: they create trust. Organizations are much more equitable, much flatter than they used to be. If there is a need to create change or to overcome existing rivalries, the first thing that comes to mind is to restore trust among the key players, trust between leaders and co-workers. And that's why he thinks that in most cases where organizations want to change, trust is something that should be seriously looked at. Distrust blocks basic team performance, and it also makes people very unhappy in their private life. If a situation like that exists, it's important in the first place to identify the elephant in the room. He talks about the taboo to talk about this lack of trust and the remedies to restore trust.