Playing Lead Trumpet with Intention, and Dealing with Neurological Fatigue Brought on By Waaaay Too Much Trumpet Playing with James Blackwell

Ever play so much it hurt?Probably?But have you ever played so much that the mere thought of touching a trumpet hurt? Where you get a burning sensation in your lips at the sight of a horn?That was James Blackwell's reality brought on by simply too much playing, and he opens up about it and shares practical advice on how to avoid it.Also listen in to some awesome advice on knowing how to play a high not musically, not simply pressing hard and hoping for the best!In this conversation with James, you'll learn:-James describes his lead trumpet transcription book...-It's not the tool, it's the character of the one using it...-Undergoing a major embouchure change while keeping a professional gigging schedule...-Neurological fatigue associated with physical fatigue...-Advice for avoiding catastrophic injury, both physically and neurologically...-How growing older changes the priority of music and trumpet in one's life...Credits:Trumpet Dynamics: The Story of the Trumpet, In the Words of Those Who Play ItHost: James NewcombGuest: James BlackwellOpening music: "Serenade to a Bus Seat" written and performed by Mike Fax and Clark TerryAudio editing by: James NewcombShow notes prepared by: Podcast Artistry™

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