No Jazz at Juilliard, Getting a Gig While Working at a Print Shop, Becoming Prolific While Scratching One's Own Itch and More with Chris Gekker!

What can we say about Chris Gekker?

-Terrific trumpet player and teacher

-Prolific writer of method and exercise books

-Pioneer in the realm of brass chamber music

We could go on and on. But some things are best left unsaid - or unwritten in the show notes until you hear them said ;)

Enjoy this episode!

In my chat with Chris Gekker, you'll discover:-How he got along during the pandemic...-Chris' start and early career on trumpet...-Getting the call for the American Brass Quintet working at the print shop...-The most difficult skill on trumpet...-Creating exercises to scratch his own itch, which become multiple method books...-How the physicality of playing has changed over the years and decades...-Why Julliard once forbade the playing of jazz in its hallways...-When Chris will know it's time to hang up the spurs...-The process of recording and releasing a new recording...-How pop music supports more obscure, niche compositions...-The easy things are often the hardest things...-And much more!

Music at Emmanuel featuring Chris Gekker


Trumpet Dynamics: The Story of the Trumpet, In the Words of Those Who Play It

Host: James Newcomb

Guest: Chris Gekker

Opening and closing music: "Serenade to a Bus Seat" performed by Mike Vax and Clark Terry

Audio editing by: James Newcomb

Show notes prepared by: James Newcomb

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