Episode 7: Operation Julie Part 3 - Living Undercover

We’re continuing our investigation into the story of ‘Operation Julie’, which was a UK police investigation into LSD production by two drug rings during the mid-1970s and resulted in the break-up of one of the largest LSD manufacturing operations in the world.

In this four part series, we’ll be interviewing one of the undercover officers involved in the operation; Stephen Bentley and discuss the twists, turns and dangers of the investigation. As well as the people he had to get close to. We’ll also be talking about wider issues within undercover policing.

In this third episode, Stephen takes a trip with Blue to Liverpool and meets a person called Bill, who wants help arranging a large cocaine deal. Stephen also gets challenged by both Bill and Smiles; asking if he’s a cop. How will he respond?

Researched, produced and presented by John & Sally.

Narration by Richard Ashwell