BONUS EPISODE: Crime Conversations - Interview With Who Killed Thersea?

CrimeCon, the World’s No.1 True Crime Event, is coming to London. A serious genre made immersive, engaging, and accessible. One weekend bringing together documentary makers, experts, podcasters and law enforcement professionals to meet with true crime enthusiasts. Delve deeper into cases, examine evidence and hear real life stories from survivors and victims’ families.

As part of this event; the (CrimeConversations) podcast series has been launched. Each episode sees two different #TrueCrime podcasters interviewing each other. Exploring subjects such as how they first got involved, the cases that have stuck in their mind, and what they think makes a great #TrueCrimePodcast.

Each new episode appears in the feed of the shows involved and today it’s our turn! As Sally & John talk with John Allore from the podcast ‘Who Killed Theresa?’ ( ( (