The Postcard Bandit

24th of November 1989, Fremantle Prison, Western Australia

The trio removed the bar and slipped out of the workshop window and gained access to the roof of the print shop. From there, they went along the guard’s walkway, jumped from roof to roof, until they hit the edge of the prison grounds. 

One of them missed the last jump, fell and injured his leg. The other two vaulted over the outer wall to freedom. The Postcard Bandit was free once again, and the hunt for him was on…

Join Shaun and Chloe as they discuss the life and times of Brenden Abbott.

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This episode was produced by True Blue Media using the open source materials referenced below: 

  1. - The Usual Suspect - Australian Story Transcript
  2. Australian Outlaw – The True Story of Postcard Bandit Brenden Abbott, by Derek Pedley. ISBN 978-0-9775440-1-1

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