Wayne Powers - Jazz Vocalist & Entertainer

If you like jazz and great entertainers, you are in for a treat on this episode of The Truckers Network Radio Show. Wayne Powers has had a successful career that spans TV, radio, theatre, and nightclubs. He launched his network TV career as the cop on "Laverne & Shirley," He was the love interest of MacKensie Phillips on One Day at a Time and had two seasons with his own NBC sitcom, "13 East." He also worked with Robin Williams in a comedy theatre troupe. He played Joe Esposito, Elvis' best friend and the head of the "Memphis Mafia" in the ABC mini-series "Elvis and Me." Wayne is an accomplished jazz vocalist/recording artist, comedic and dramatic actor, broadcaster, and voiceover artist. In 2018, Wayne recorded his first new album with a top jazz quartet for “If Love Were All.” You’ve also heard Wayne on many TV commercials. Wayne is a national voiceover artist. His work includes “Budman” for Budweiser and “Wayne”, the original talking Windex bird on TV commercials for 15 years. Wayne is funny and entertaining. Don’t miss this fabulous interview with some great jazz vocals off Wayne's album.



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