JP Hoffman Founder - Vets and Horses and The Liberty Projects

The driving force behind The Liberty Projects has been JP Hoffman - a service-disabled veteran. JP helps veterans transition to civilian life, assists with VA benefits applications or facilitating their disability ratings status. A close childhood friend of JP’s named Nick, who he had known since grade school, sadly committed suicide in 2018. This pivotal event sparked the Liberty Projects. JP had seen too much death and suicide with our veterans and was determined to prevent this from happening again whenever possible.

JP is a Master Farrier with a background in ranching, agriculture, rodeo and horse training. His skills and knowledge led he and family to adopt and train wild mustangs. They began to bring in veterans to work with the horses at their ranch and worked with close friends and experts on holistic healing. JP and his close friend Laura Perry formed The Liberty Projects. The Truckers Network Radio Show interview talks about how this program is helping both veterans and wild mustangs and where it is expanding.

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