E9 - Moderna, COVID-19 and the Promise of mRNA

My guest for this episode is Marcello Damiani (TRIUM Class of 2015). Marcello is the Chief Digital and Operational Excellence Officer at Moderna. In this episode we discuss what it was like to be part of the historic success of developing and delivering a vaccine, in the face of a global pandemic, in record time at an efficacy rate that we hardly dared dreamed possible. We discuss what Moderna’s story tells us about the modern bio-tech industry and how its success might be repeated. Next, we talk about how the success of the ‘mRNA platform’ approach to the COVID-19 vaccine may be just the beginning of what the technology promises. Finally, we chat about what we have all learned from this amazing journey. Marcello offers an insider’s view to one of the most exciting science stories of all time. Because there has been plenty to be depressed about in recent times, it is great to highlight a reason to be optimistic about the future. Enjoy the conversation!

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